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How It Works

Get started with your solar home improvement project in these six easy steps.

  • Installer placing a solar panel

    Select a solar installer

    Choose a vendor you want to work with, confirm they have onboarded with ezSolarLoan, and learn their Solar Company Identifier (SCI) 4-digit code.

  • Woman talking on phone while on computer

    Apply for a loan

    Complete the step by step online application by entering your personal information, installation address, and employment information.  We’ll start with a “soft credit pull” that won’t affect your credit score if you don’t complete the loan.

  • couple with woman shaking hands with contractor man

    Choose a rate and payment option

    Once you pre-qualify, you will immediately see options of term lengths and payments to choose from, along with your competitive interest rates.

  • Couple in front of computer smiling

    Use your personal Borrower Dashboard

    Log in to your very own Borrower Dashboard to securely upload any needed documents.  Once approved, review and sign your loan documents right inside your Borrower Dashboard.

  • Two contractors installing solar panels

    Complete your project

    Take your time to get the project going and completed.  Your solar company will input details about the project, and you will log in to your Borrower Dashboard to confirm them.

  • Solar panels on a house

    Enjoy your system!

    Your solar company will submit payment requests directly to ezSolarLoan and you will log in to your Borrower Dashboard to review and approve them.  No money changes hands until you give the go-ahead!

Save money. Save time. Save the planet.

We’ll finance your entire solar loan project, starting with a painless and quick online application process. With low interest rates and a variety of term lengths, we have the right financing solution for your solar project!

  • No out-of-pocket costs

    Finance your whole project

  • No hidden fees

    No origination fees, no penalties for early repayment

  • Instant approvals

    Get approved, get installed

  • No home equity required

    No appraisal, no delays, no hassles

But that’s not all…

When you finance your solar system with us, you’re not just a customer. You’re a member-owner of a cooperative, local, not-for-profit institution.

Align your values

We know you care about solar, and we bet you care about your community, too. You can feel good about getting financing from an institution that invests in the community it serves.

Reap more rewards

Our profits don’t line the pockets of shareholders, or fund big oil pipelines. We return our profits to you, our member-owners. Meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations is our #1 priority.

Compare your loan options

  • Best for borrowers who want to:

    Best for borrowers who want to:
  • No Prepayment Penalty

    No Prepayment Penalty
  • APR

  • Term

  • Instant Approvals

    Instant Approvals
  • Min and Max Loan Amounts

    Min and Max Loan Amounts

Energy Improvement Loan

  • Best for borrowers who want to:

    Save energy with Solar, HVAC, and efficiency upgrades
  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • APR

    As low as 8.24%
  • Term

    5, 7, or 10 years
  • Instant Approvals

    Up to $50k
  • Min and Max Loan Amounts

    $5k to $80k

Fixed-Rate Term Solar Loan

  • Best for borrowers who want to:

    Lock in a low rate and make fixed monthly payments
  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • APR

    As low as 8.64%
  • Term

    12, 15 or 20 years
  • Instant Approvals

    Up to $50k
  • Min and Max Loan Amounts

    $10k to $80k

Jackpot Solar Loan

  • Best for borrowers who want to:

    Start with the lowest monthly payment available
  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • APR

    Initial 7-year fixed rate as low as 8.49%
  • Term

    21 years
  • Instant Approvals

    Up to $50k
  • Min and Max Loan Amounts

    $10k to $80k

We found Community 1st to have the best renewable-focused loan packages that were flexible and still at great rates. Very highly recommended and easy to work with.

— Ryan and Tia R., Battle Ground, WA

See what you can save

Learn more about each of our loan options and see detailed rates information.

The 21-year “Solar Jackpot Loan” is a variable rate loan that has three 7-year periods back to back to back, so you get the lowest rates and lowest monthly payments available. A 21-year loan is divided into three 7-year fixed periods, with a fixed interest rate for each period.

When the rate resets at the start of the second 7-year period, it adjusts according to the then-current 7-year US Constant Maturity Treasury (CMT) index plus a margin. It resets again for the final 7-year period. To make sure your payments remain low, each adjustment can increase by no more than 2.5% from the previous rate.

Energy Improvement Loans finance qualifying energy efficiency projects such as HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems, solar energy systems and windows.  If combined with qualifying equipment, you can apply up to 50% of the cost to energy efficiency performance upgrades such as insulation, air sealing and duct sealing.

Energy Improvement Loan


APR as low as


5 years

APR as low as



7 years

APR as low as



10 years

APR as low as


With today’s low interest rates, you can save even more money as your system creates clean energy! Our 12-year rates start at 8.64%, 15-year rates start at 8.74% and 20-year rates at 8.99% for best qualified borrowers.

Fixed-Rate Solar Term Loans


APR as low as


12 years

APR as low as



15 years

APR as low as



20 years

APR as low as



You will need the following to complete your application:

  • The 4-digit Solar Company Identifier (SCI) code issued by ezSolarLoan to your Solar Company
  • Application by everyone with an ownership interest in the home
  • Requested loan amount
  • Desired term length
  • Contact, employment, and income information for all borrowers and authorization for a credit inquiry
  • Name of solar installation company
  • Verification of income, if the loan amount is over $50,000 (may also be requested in other cases)

After the application is approved, but before it is funded, you will also need to provide the following:

  • Color copy or scan of your ID
  • E-signature on loan documents

You must become a member of Community 1st Credit Union.

No, unlike other financing options, our loans do not require you to have an appraisal or pay the associated cost!

Yes!  Because Community 1st Credit Union is a Washington State chartered credit union, if you live, work and worship outside of Washington, you will need to join an affiliate membership organization in order to be eligible to join the credit union.  Therefore, we will automatically help you join Solar United Neighbors ( absolutely FREE!  SUN is a “community of people building a new energy system with rooftop solar at the cornerstone.”  There is no obligation for you to make any financial contribution to SUN nor to maintain your membership with SUN beyond your loan issuance, but we do hope that you find this organization beneficial and worthwhile!

We’ve designed the process so that you should be able to complete the online or mobile application in about five minutes. Depending on the dollar amount you are requesting and other factors, we may need to request additional items. The quicker you can provide them, the quicker we can keep moving!

You will see a confirmation right away on your screen that we have received your application. Some well-qualified borrowers will receive an instant approval on your screen. Typically, we will respond within a few days to ask for additional information or provide a loan decision.

Yes! There is no pre-payment penalty.

There are no fees, but there are a couple of costs you should be aware of.

We file a UCC-1 on your equipment at the county and state where you live.  This is essentially a lien on the equipment.  The cost varies across the U.S., but is often between $100 and $300.  We will pass along that cost by adding it to the project cost in the total loan amount.  Therefore, you do not need to pay for it up front.

No, we will file a UCC and Fixture filing on the solar equipment only. This will show up on a property title search, but it is not a deed of trust — our loans are not a second mortgage and are not secured by the home. Our collateral is the solar equipment.

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