The Original Zero Dealer Fee Solar Loan

Thanks for entering our Rad Power Bike Giveaway!

Ready to post your selfies on your social media and earn more chances to WIN?

Listen, don’t tell everyone else but we really hope you win this prize.

You can earn up to 9 more entries by getting your selfies on our Social Wall while at the conference featuring our logo and hashtag.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a selfie featuring the ezSolarLoan logo at our booth or at any conference location.
  • Copy and paste the status message (provided below) into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (or all three) along with your selfie. Your post must be public and include #ezSolarLoan, @ezSolarLoan in your status (and your badge number in your status if your account doesn’t include your name).
  • Each qualifying social media post is worth one 1 additional contest entry. We’ll count up to nine (9) entries!

Sample status message to copy:

Having a blast with @ezSolarLoan at #REPlus22. Visit #ezSolarLoan at Booth 177! Badge: [enter badge number]


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